Aeromexico Cargo x Wiremind: Enhancing Air Cargo Operations with SKYPALLET

Aeromexico Cargo has embarked on a significant digital transformation by partnering with Wiremind to implement our SKYPALLET solution. As our first Latin American client, Aeromexico Cargo will experience improved cargo management, optimized flight capacities, and reduced capacity wastage through the innovative features of SKYPALLET.

SKYPALLET Integration for Optimal Cargo Management

With the partnership commencing in March 2023, Aeromexico Cargo and Wiremind have initiated the implementation of SKYPALLET during the second quarter of 2023. The solution will be progressively rolled out to relevant users in the coming months, enabling sales and operations staff to optimize flight capacities and minimize inventory wastage through accurate quotes, enhanced flight plans, and efficient build-up instructions.

Strengthening Collaboration for a Prosperous Future

Both Wiremind and Aeromexico Cargo are committed to fostering their partnership by incorporating feedback and continuously refining SKYPALLET. Additionally, the two companies will potentially explore other optimization solutions within Wiremind’s product portfolio that can provide further support to the Mexican flag carrier.

“Wiremind is exceptionally pleased to welcome Aeromexico Cargo as its first Latin America-based customer. Since late last year, Aeromexico Cargo’s team has been closely working together with us to test SKYPALLET’s functionalities against its internally developed business case,” states Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind Cargo. “Now that the decision has officially been reached to proceed with SKYPALLET, Aeromexico Cargo users will undergo comprehensive training with Wiremind product experts to ensure that they fully understand the product’s extensive features and use cases. Up to now, this has been done remotely, so we look forward to visiting Aeromexico Cargo in person, this year, to observe how the product is being used, gather product feedback to include in our joint roadmap, and further share user best practices within the organization.”

Alejandro Mendez, Executive VP. Aeromexico Cargo, explains, “The air cargo industry is changing – day by day, process by process. Companies need to incorporate technology and algorithms in their processes if they are to take advantage of opportunities in the market and succeed.

SKYPALLET’s optimization algorithms support our staff, enabling enhanced decision-making. This will lead to faster quotations and optimized belly capacities – two critical and repetitive processes that we identified in our integral assessment. Implementing SKYPALLET is a cornerstone on our journey towards becoming a more digital Aeromexico Cargo. We have set ourselves the target of implementing and fully deploying the software in our Mexico City Hub operations this year.”

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