Revenue Management

Take Revenue Optimization
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As former Revenue Management analysts ourselves, we have created CAYZN, a solution that focuses on displaying the most useful data, that can automate the most repetitive tasks, while keeping in mind that some decisions should remain in the hands of the analyst.

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Revenue Management

Full range of real-time
Revenue Management tools

Picture Detailed analysis & decision making interface
Picture AI-driven automated optimization engine
Picture Business Rules engine

Detailed analysis & decision making interface

Picture Detailed analysis & decision making interface

CAYZN was designed by and for revenue management specialists. Our philosophy is to offer natural workflows and, allow users to see all the information they need without switching tabs or using painful Excel files. Our goal is to make CAYZN intuitive enough so that users get used to the features very quickly, without having to constantly refer to the user guide.

AI-driven automated optimization engine

Picture AI-driven automated optimization engine

Wiremind’s data science team is dedicated to bringing the latest operational research and machine learning studies to Revenue Management. CAYZN offers a real-time forecasting and optimization pipeline capable of handling thousand of departures to find the optimal price path maximizing revenues and/or load factor.

Business Rules engine

Picture Business Rules engine

Allowing our users to automate repetitive tasks and to extend their reach, the BR engine offers a rich interface to handle hundreds of variables. Creating alerts and changing prices in real-time are made straightforward and accessible to users with no experience in code. Our engine supports loops and conditional programming.




Business rules
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Gain from unique
advanced features

Picture Machine Learning Forecast & Optimization

Machine Learning Forecast & Optimization

Improve your forecasting and optimization capabilities with modern AI technologies

Picture Competition Tracking tools

Competition Tracking tools

Automatically and continuously keep a desired price gap versus competitors’ fares.

Picture Real-time architecture

Real-time architecture

Benefit from real-time data that is recalculated after each sale

Picture Great UX

Great UX

Ultimately keep control of decision-making thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Profit from a wide range
of benefits


Automating low-value processes and tasks allows to focus on analysis and decision-making

revenue growth

Compared to standard Revenue Management solutions, CAYZN customers typically gain a +5% revenue premium


As a full-SaaS solution operated on cloud-based secured servers, CAYZN respect the highest SLA standards and is scalable by nature.


New features inspired from feedbacks from CAYZN users are frequently deployed, continuously improving the product over the years.

100+ millions bookings optimized
through CAYZN