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As a key player in sports or entertainment industry, watch live how your ticket sales is going, boost your revenue while creating a better experience for the attendees, benefit from a powerful AI forecasting technology, and secure your ticketing data management.


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Picture A simple and efficient workflow
Picture Access to real-time data
Picture AI-powered forecasting and optimization

A simple and efficient workflow

Picture A simple and efficient workflow

EVENTORI has been designed to make your life simple! From an advanced back-office with a simple user-friendly workflow, you can virtually recreate your room or stadium, directly organise your seat mapping, categorise your ticket pricing, and efficiently monitor the customer relationship management for each event you organise.

Access to real-time data

Picture Access to real-time data

Sales and key data are provided in real-time to allow better decision-making process in forecasting demand while automate optimization revenue operations. You will watch live how your ticket sales is going and being able to run reports with key business results and insights.

AI-powered forecasting and optimization

Picture AI-powered forecasting and optimization

Thanks to robust algorithms able to collect real-time and past data, you will keep the control on your sales prediction up to the last minute. By the end, your forecasting and optimization capabilities by product or category will be significantly improved.


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Explore the EVENTORI features

Picture Advanced back-office

Advanced back-office

A smart user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor your data and occupancy rate from one place.

Picture User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Directly connected to your distribution API or using a customer platform, payment processing and ticket editing are made easier.

Picture Calendar setup

Calendar setup

Efficiently configure your pre-season seatmap thanks to an interactive module.

Picture Safe access control

Safe access control

Speed up the check-in and secure ticketing data and journey with our access control tool.

Picture Mobile ticketing

Mobile ticketing

Purchase and store your tickets directly on your smartphone.

Picture Live reporting

Live reporting

Benefit from real-time data recalculated after each sale.

Picture AI-powered demand forecasting

AI-powered demand forecasting

Improve your forecasting and optimization capabilities by product or category with modern AI and big data technologies.

Picture Revenue optimization

Revenue optimization

Boost your revenue by price optimization and an increased occupancy rate.

How you will benefit from EVENTORI

Boost your occupancy rate

Sell more tickets for games that typically don’t sell out with AI-driven technologies to both local and away fans supported by dynamic pricing strategies.

Optimize your revenue

In sync with higher occupancy rates but even with comparable attendance figures, intelligent dynamic pricing models bring your yield management capabilities to a higher level.

Time saving workflow

Improve your productivity by using exhaustive template configuration and automated sales opening to set up your events in only few minutes.

Ambitious roadmap

New features inspired from feedback from Eventori users are frequently deployed, continuously improving the product over the years.

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